The opening of this Miss Dior is not my cup of tea—too brash and sweet and perfume-y with no real direction. This version is awful, too much rose, too much pepper. Less citrus/orange and even less rose. I was the biggest fan of the 2012 version, and this is an entirely different perfume. Yet, she doesn’t appear as a liberated woman. It can be worn year-round, and unless if applied with a heavy hand it could never offend. My opinion is that there is a lot of other more interesting perfumes. I would not purchase this formulation again. The visual codes are related to this positioning, with torsion replacing elevation. (Absolutely Blooming was beautiful, but a little sharp on my skin.) Honestly I was tired of the trend and had stopped paying attention to commercial fragrances in general, but then I started looking into sweet creamy/powdery rose again and ended up here @. that's not very helpful, is it. The female stereotypes conveyed by brands in advertising have often been criticised. Since then and after a ridiculous number of versions later, I think I have found something I like almost as much (but not quite). Its heavy in first spray but After few hour this to be softer and nicer. As it dries down I get a little rose but it continues to be dominated by citrus notes at least on my skin. ". The dry down has a much older perfume scent. There’s really nothing wrong with this perfume. But not listed in the fragrantica, I love this version of MD so sweet and refined a little powdery and rosy ultra feminine and modern.This fragrance got me many compliments and if I did not have many fragrances to use up I would make it my signature. It's nice, if you want a heavier woodier Miss Dior. because i just buy it at sephora few weeks ago. It’s rosy for sure maybe a little lemony, and you what it reminds me of Baby Doll by YSL. This is a disappointing perfume! I find nothing unique in this, another boring sweet fragrance. The image conveyed is therefore paradoxical: although liberated, the modern princess remains waiting in her private palace for a prince to “free” her. I'm very confused, can someone explain to me why in some perfume stores the Miss Dior EDP's liquid in the bottle is pink and in other stores it is orange? It dries down a bit powdery, but I feel it's really more on the creamy side still. Not similar to Coco Mlle, despite the Sephora SA’s suggestion. Brands expressing the “goddess” image mostly made use of unreal and timeless backgrounds and the advertisements were rich in colour, texture and pattern. My scent palette has been slowing favoring rose over the past couple of months. When I called the store they told me that Dior had “tweaked” the fragrance and I would not be able to purchase that one or even exchange this new one. Miss Dior is a hymn to love, emblematic of Dior’s femininity and Couture spirit. To me it’s like a sweet, classy patchouli , floral pepper scent. I am a fan of this. It is nevertheless clear that the representations from Dior are mostly fantasies and should not be taken too seriously. Follow us on twitter @fragrantica and Facebook fan page. The Medium shot type of the Natalie Portman is used to catch audience’s attention as she is a celebrity. The dry down IS TO DIE FOR!!!! Not gonna lie, this took a while to win me over but once it did I was hooked. I've tried smelling this perfume on two different occasions to give it a chance, and both times I had the same reaction. I use it more as a seasonal work scent, not too sensual. So, let me start by saying I haven't tried any of the 500 previous Miss Diors (I know, I know!). It's the perfect embodiment of femininity, grace, and sophistication while also being playful and sweet. Was this reformulated (again...) because of yet another ingredient(s) ban? more original. I love this new fragrance! I love it. Wearable day or night. Receive complimentary deluxe miniature for orders over $100, Sign up to receive exclusive updates and content, Your shopping cart currently contains 0 items, You do not have any products in your basket, For a blooming look, dress yourself in the silky texture of the body oil. I agree with @cullen62001. If you are on a personal connection, like at home, you can run an anti-virus scan on your device to make sure it is not infected with malware. I'm so angry. It is so creamy and sweet and soft. When I first spray it, I get that burst of citrus, but that quickly dissipates, thankfully, as I personally don't care for citrusy scents. But so far, really good! Change ), You are commenting using your Twitter account. Does that mean that the orange liquid is the 2012 version and the pink liquid is the new one (2017)? I was not expecting to like this so much, but I do. The patchouli is just perfect, it enriches and anchors the sweetness. This is a Sweet Peppery Cotton Candy Fiasco, Not just a Tweaking But a Complete OVERHAUL of Miss Dior, I mean CHANEL does it's reformulations too and usually Not for the Better But at least they keep the same scent in General and they don't do a COMPLETE 180, Would They do a NEW Coco Mademoiselle? I have it, & omgooodness is it GORGEOUS! However, why would I get this when I could just get Poison Girl, which has a similar vibe at the end? I fell in love with a sample I got from Sephora a couple weeks ago, a spicy patchouli rose. To Minty Mouth: you are right! @chininta, is there a batch code on your bottle? Why no re launch DUNE POUR HOMME ??? I love, I love this fragrance with its delicate freshness and sweetness at the same time ! The face of advertising campaign is actress Natalie Portman. The perfume pyramid in this description is wrong. Unfortunately this version was completely disappointing. Leave the original alone. I am hoping to finish the 50ml bottle by my birthday so hubby could buy me a 100ml. Miss Dior Cherie 2011 was great, and so was Miss Dior 2012. Copyright © 2010–2020, The Conversation US, Inc. Right, so I kept the bottle of my last Miss Dior (which I loved), and sent a photo of it to my Mum so she could buy it for me again duty free - which she did. We’re hiring! Torsion indeed suggests a coiling and constricting force. It's still too sweet and generic for me to love it, but I'm going to have some fun overlaying it with 4711 Acqua Colonia Pink Pepper and Mandarin to cut through the gourmandiness or Yardley's English Roses (contemporary edition) for the tea effect. This is a sweet rose scent, and really not much more. To the reviewer below me, they never removed the name of the original released in 1947. I love the three and wear them interchangeably on occassions. And I don’t even have the time or energy anymore to go start tracking down what year it was from, blah, blah, blah. This is a very well composed scent , try and enjoy! I think a few of the most recent reviewers are reviewing the brand new EDT, rather than the EDP. Enjoyable but redundant. Right now there are 10 items on or Buy it online only 1 items on, Perfume rating It reminds me of my Korean acupuncturist’s’s almost medicinal and herbal because of the patchouli. out of Besides I I'm in love with absolut blooming to both are very beautiful. The current version does not feel high quality. i like it, very classy and feminine. Now years later I find the Miss Dior range rather dull. The 2017, once I stopped comparing it to the 2012, I came to quite love on its own. but I'm still sad they changed it because miss dior cherie was better imo. This is definitely citrusy but not enough to be called “fresh” it still has some sweetness and a tiny bit of spice. The image of women depicted here seems to be that of a "sex addict”. The bottle of the ‘Miss Dior’ perfume is put there for the audience to remember the product if they want to buy it and also so they can have a look at how the bottle is. and Pink??!!! It's a great day scent. To the point where I'm ordering several bottles in case it was reformulated yet again. I can only give you my impression of the present formulation, so here we go....This, to my nose, is classy, ladylike, Dior perfection. Charlize Theron, Song by The Gossip, Dior Sauvage TV Spot, 'The New Fragrance' Featuring Johnny Depp, Miss Dior Rose N'Roses TV Spot, 'Do for Love' Featuring Natalie Portman, Song by Sia. This version of Miss Dior actually strikes me as heavier on the patchouli and base notes than past versions. Just look at Mon Guerlain, JPG Scandal, Valentino Donna, YSL Black Opium, La vie est belle, Armani Sí etc. Completing the CAPTCHA proves you are a human and gives you temporary access to the web property. Miss Dior and Poison are some of its popular fragrances made for women and Sauvage, Jules and Higher cater to men’s taste. Beauty Almanac |. It's almost a somewhat powdery medicinal smell. When guys talk about women smelling so good, I've often wondered which fragrances would make them say that ... this has to be one of those scents. This is not patchouli heavy by any means, it's very soft and very much in the background on this one. Longevity is 6 hours on me and 3 of my work colleagues complimented the scent today, with only 2 squirts of juice. I do also love Absolutely Blooming and Blooming Bouquet. I think many reviews here are affected by attachment to the former 'Miss Dior' (2012). The top notes are heady, but the middle and base notes are a little too soft. Classification is under the modern light tutti frutti colognes for men. For the new Miss Dior campaign, the actress and muse Natalie Portman appears in an image captured by David Bellemere. I didn't like the patchouli note in the original, and the 2012 version always had this weird smell to me, almost chemically or something that I could never put my finger on. Some high-end scents are too harsh, or either smell too "old ladyish" or too masculine for my liking, but Miss Dior is mature yet still girly and youthful. I sprayed this on the bend of my arm and on the top of my hand, waited to see if she was going to take me for a ride, & she did. It's sweet, warm, spicy, peppery. Worth trying on the skin. It smells pretty and elegant. @rockstarrshade I never thought of it that way! The positioning of Addict is a bit more difficult to analyse. They feel like if it has that name & strength then its the same. However, the black could illustrate danger and secrecy. Did the marketing people at Dior run out of names for their fragrances? The EDP smells more complex and has a more cosmetic/makeup scent to it, which I love. Furthermore, it is trying to create a brand image that people would look up to and aspire to be like. It doesn’t smell like an old lady perfume though roses are one of the main ingredients in this perfume. In my opinion it has smelled like something from the old days. Order online now & collect 4 Advantage Card Points for every pound you spend. Fragrance Reviews: 995476 ?, NEVER! Rich, sensual, a bit powdery and a bit sweet. I feel that Demachy kept a good portion of the DNA, but it smells lighter, sweeter, and more ethereal than the previous version. Perfect to wear on all occasions, if it screams love? :) It makes me very happy because I could never don the legendary Miss Dior due to that “dirty” patchouli note that made it too heavy on my skin. Different color & smell. Rather boring, not the Miss Dior I remember. ( Log Out /  This to me is wearable by men. This is a keeper and glad I decided to take the leap and get it! All They do lately are overly sweet, pink water perfumes. Please read the Terms of Service and Privacy policy. I own the miss dior EDP with the orange liquid since ocotber 2017 and i repurchased a new bottle (orange liquid) in august 2018 (it has the same smell, mandarine and patchouli, I don't smell any pepper or rose), so i'm wondering if those bottles I own are the 2012 version. For a fresh look, step into the fresh spritz of the body mist & dress your hair with the light texture of the hair mist. Nevertheless, as for the other three perfumes, the name anchors the brand in a universe, in this case, addiction and dependence. The longevity is perfect. The original is, I get it, not to everyone's taste - it is not to my taste. Recently got a tester of this when purchasing another perfume and finally found the time to test drive it. It's very lovely. I feel prissy when I wear this one lol. For a start it's completely different to the 2012 version but I will admit, I like it. 03 September I had basically zero expectations for this new version of Miss Dior. For me, it failed. The reputation of the brands of the group rests on the quality, exclusiveness, distribution channel, and promotional & marketing strategies.Reputational damage due to brand ambassadors, employees, suppliers, channel partners … Then before you get too comfortable, it changes to sweet roses with a smidgen of spice. The fragrance itself feels fresh but sensual and, like a chameleon, keeps changing to showcase different notes periodically until I wash it off. I have smelled this 100 times before, we already have La Vie est Belle, Black Opium, Si. It's a no for me, definitely. The 2012 is more elegant with notes of Mandarin, Jasmine and Patchouli where the 2017 version is more Romantic with notes of Baie Rose, Roses and Rosewood. It has just arrived and yet here I am totally in love with this ❤️. It’s pleasant enough but I won’t be buying it because this isn’t Miss Dior. She is wearing little to no makeup and her hair is messily pinned up but she still looks elegant. It is more authentic than the previous version and more sofisticated, when I smelled the previous Miss Dior I was kind of disappointed, it was some kind of patchouli little sister of Coco Mademoiselle. Cozy in the Winter! I now have a £70 bottle of icky sweetness lying in my bedroom that will never be used! It is much softer than the last reformulated version but this suits me much better. The projection is strong, people can smell me around feet away and I got compliments everytime I wear it, around 3-4 hours the sillage is softer and then after 6-8 hours it's closer to skin. It's lighter softer sweeter and more predictable. Not enter here! Great pay, benefits, and culture. While everyone will get their own mileage over how successfully these traits are translated, I personally go a bit back and forth. Montpellier Business School and Union des Grandes Ecoles Indépendantes (UGEI) provide funding as members of The Conversation FR. It's similar to so many other fruity soft light young sweet patchouli's. After you helped me out with the batch code to identify which version is which, I tested Miss Dior again and realized that my review was for the wrong version. It’s very sweet, which I didn’t like at first, but now in the spring weather, it’s just right. With the exception of the figure of the goddess, who transcends her feminine condition, these women do not appear completely liberated. The 2012 version was quite a bit like Coco Mlle but more citrusy and I had a soft spot for it - it was nicely made and with good longevity - it still had something of a chypre about it. According to Dior the pyramid is like this: First of all I have never tried Miss Dior 2012, so I can’t compare:-). It’s also too light and floral to be an autumn/winter scent - probably best saved for spring where it will really shine. Orange, rose, vanilla. To me Miss Dior 2017 smells incredible. !, Good Lord Sweet Baby Jesus, DIOR Took an Amazing Iconic Scent and Finally Dragged it through The FIELDS! I have been wearing Miss Dior Eau De Parfum for a few years now and I loved it. I stirred clear from most Dior as they usually smell horrible on me being loaded with orange blossom or other ingredients I can't tolerate, so imagine my surprise when I smelled this beauty. I agree with the previous reviewer who said it smells like carmex.. At first, this opens with a super medicinal smell unlike any other perfume ive ever used. Award-winning actress Natalie Portman portrays Miss Dior, a strong, liberated woman who reveals the true nature of romance and all of its different facets. It makes me feel so feminine and elegant. I have the 2011 Miss Dior Couture edition that was still strong stuff. I would pick this over la vie est belle any time. I also got a new bottle of the previous version 2012...before its gone. Bad batch, perhaps? It opened with a peppery bergamot and quickly dried down a citrusy rose lokhum like I thought :), After 6 hours, this perfume has some Bois d’Argent notes. This 2017 reformulation is very very different to its predecessor. Award-winning actress Natalie Portman portrays Miss Dior, a strong, liberated woman who reveals the true nature of romance and all of its different facets. It also may show that every detail possible has gone in the making of the perfume all the way down to the detail of the strokes in the logo. Also the perfume name is written in  a Serif texted with an effect that looks like it’s been hand  stitched which again  helps to certify the demureness and elegance of a ‘Miss Dior’. I have worn Coco Mad for years so I was actually looking for something different and I'm happy with the 2017 version quite honestly. I have never loved Miss Dior 2012, the new one is just what I want.

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