Welcome to la Pallande In the heart of the Walloon Brabant, La  Pallande, this bourgeois house of the 19th century, is situated in front of the ponds and is surrounded by a luxuriant nature

Under the flowers and the birds singing, she has a heart of gold.

The Pallande rents its rooms for different stays:

  • A night or A few nights
  • A week or a few weeks.
  • For a whole month.

Discount rates for long or repeat stays negotiable.

We are located only:

  • 8 km from Walibi
  • 10km from Louvain-la-Neuve.
  • 13km from Wavre.
  • 15km from zoning of L-L-N.
  • 18Km from Nivelles.
  • 16Km from Waterloo.
  • 39Km from Bruxelles.

Similarly, if you are a company director (from the zoning of Louvain-La-Neuve,…) and if you are looking for a place to house your guests external
(consultants, representatives,..).

Think about us !