Just be careful, if you intern in Germany you may never want to leave! If you don't mind a cold winter (which is more than made up for by the hearty food and welcoming people), Eastern Europe could be the internship locale of your dreams. People work less, live more, and as a result, live happier and more fulfilling lives. An engineering internship in Europe is a great way to expose yourself to different methodologies and working styles as well as get hands-on experience and connections. Photo by Hannah S., EA Ski & Snowboard Alum, Photo by Coline, Absolute Internship Alum. Paris, often regarded as the fashion capital of the world and birthplace of haute couture, and Milan have reputations for elegance and classical beauty. Every region and city has its own unique flair, culture, and appeal - no matter where you end up, China is sure to enchant you and leave you with a wholly fulfilling experience overseas. With over 200 languages in Europe, the UK might be the most obvious English-speaking country in Europe. Another excellent option for English internships, England has a lot to offer for just about anyone. South Africa is a unique place to gain international experience through an internship. Europe's mostly open borders between countries also make it easier to explore different countries once you're there; hopping on a train from France to the Netherlands is super simple from an immigration perspective (less simple from the “getting luggage through the metro to the train station” perspective). International Internships in Dublin with The Intern Group, Shadow Doctors 20+ Hours/Week Across Europe, Internships in London with The Intern Group, International Internships in London in more than 25 Fields, Internship in Greece Shadow Doctors 20+ Hours/Week, International Internships in Madrid with The Intern Group, Internship in Italy Shadow Doctors 20+ Hours/Week, The Internship Camp Program: an Internship in Italy with students from around the world, CEA Internships in Prague, Czech Republic, How to Score a Paid Internships in Europe, Research in (Posidonia Oceanica) Seagrass Meadows in Greece, World Unite! London, the world's 6th largest economy, is one of Europe's premier business destinations and is particularly good for finance and public relations internships. Seoul, the nation’s capital and a dazzling neon-lit megacity, is home to more than ten million residents - and endless internship opportunities. Our internship programs in Europe include a leading internship, career coaching, advanced professional training, accommodation, cultural and social events, a public transportation card, visa assistance and 24/7 support. Working culture may be challenging to adapt to, especially if you’re coming from the West, with potentially long hours and few holidays, but you’ll never feel bored living in South Korea. Our mission is to empower human connection through perspective-changing travel. For stays longer than 90 days and for countries outside the Schengen area, a long- or short-stay visa, residence permit, and/or work permit may be required. You can enjoy the crystal-clear beaches, vibrant metropolitan cities, or the warm hospitality of a braai with the locals. She has traveled to over 15 countries and lived in Spain, the Czech Republic, and South Korea. With some of the world's top research centers located in Europe, whatever branch of engineering draws you in, you're sure to find an opportunity to do cutting-edge work. Three of four major Fashion Weeks take place in Europe (London, Paris, and Milan. See all internship programs in Singapore →. The world's largest multinational corporations have headquarters in Europe, as well as important local companies and banks. The field has long had an international component, which is only becoming more important as the world gets increasingly interconnected. Typically, Americans do not need a visa for stays fewer than 90 days (this applies to countries that are part of the Schengen agreement), however, whether this applies to interns depends on the country. Cosmopolitan cities like Paris, Amsterdam, and Geneva can provide the perfect backdrop for your internship. South Korea is one of the wealthiest nations in the world and is home to many thriving markets -- from electronics and gaming to automotive, and of course media. Another European powerhouse, Germany is home to some of the world's top companies and has a thriving, robust economy. The European Union is one of the world's largest economies (in 2019 had a 15.8% share of the global GDP). So, instead of aimlessly floating down the lazy river transporting you from college life to adulting, check out our roundup of top internships, broken down by region, but also including summer and paid internships in Europe: Internships in Western Europe 1. Shadow 60+... We offer successful applicants the chance to gain invaluable work... Our award-winning program gives students the opportunity to spend the... Intern abroad in Dublin, Ireland with Connect-123! Visa requirements vary by country depending on the duration of the internship and work hours per week. Japan has a little bit of everything, from the almost chaotic city-life in Tokyo to the picturesque and undeniably beautiful Kyoto. The duration of the internship in Europe is for a period between one and six months (renewable for another six months up to a total of twelve months). This region contains countries such as Russia, the Czech Republic, Bulgaria, and Poland. Interning in politics will give you a unique understanding of your host country and a more nuanced view of its diplomatic and national operations. Whether working with the United Nations in Geneva, or a local firm in your country of choice, politics interns in Europe learn how to balance individual national interests with those of the continent as a whole. Though these top our list of the best places to intern abroad in 2020, there are endless options when it comes to international internships. Europe is a world leader in the fashion industry and you can be in the center of the action with Fashion Week Internships. Rock the catwalk in Paris with Fashion Week Internships Internships … Wherever you end up in Spain, you’ll be sure to enjoy a relaxed working life, giving you ample time to explore and get to know the beauty of España. The capital of Czechia and headquarters for many international... Barcelona, Spain’s second-largest city, has an ideal blend of the... View the latest intern placement postings on our job board. With a political internship in Europe you can be involved in a national or international organization. However, some popular countries include the UK, Germany, and Ireland for engineering and business, France and Italy for fashion, and Belgium and Switzerland for politics. The great cities of Paris, Berlin, Madrid, London, and many others call people from around the world to explore their streets. Though having some Spanish language skill is a plus (especially as the world’s third most spoke language), there are plenty of internship opportunities in English. As long as you can survive the Japanese working week, you'll be rewarded with an amazing experience and a deeper understanding of Japan's unique culture. However, there is more to England than the sprawling metropolis of London -- there are internships available throughout the country, from Birmingham to Leeds. It's not to be missed -- you're sure to have the time of your life in this spectacular and culturally rich country. London and Barcelona, though they are more newly established as fashion capitals, consistently outrank their more classical counterparts in industry rankings. Have a bachelor's degree or equivalent (a diploma for the first cycle of higher education as defined in the Bologna Declaration A vibrant and exciting country, Spain is sure to give you an experience of a lifetime. Although Europe was hit by the global economic crisis, the economies in many European countries are still robust, and many countries have retained their leading positions in a variety of fields. France, particularly the cities of Paris and Lyon, is a world leader in aerospace engineering and robotics. If France is more your speed, check out a hospitality or marketing internship in Paris. Western Europe: This region contains some of the most popular European countries for internships: France, Germany, the Netherlands, Switzerland, and Belgium. While you should be prepared that many internships provide non-monetary compensation like academic credit, it’s possible to find paid internships across various industries in Europe. Japan is a great place to consider for your internship abroad. This year we have a few new countries to read up on that have made their way into the ranks: Singapore (# 6), Germany (#9), and Colombia (#10). See all internship programs in Australia →. Germany is also a great location for finance internships, in addition to having great marketing opportunities in Berlin. Popular internships are automotive and fashion positions in Italy, communications and hospitality in Greece, and adventure tourism in Croatia. Europe's political scene is truly international. The region also contains Italy and Greece, whose ancient populations inspired much of Europe's politics and culture. A European fashion internship offers the chance to break into the international fashion scene, step outside your comfort zone, and learn about how a whole new environment incorporates fashion into its world. An internship can also be an unbeatable way to experience and learn about the culture of a place. This is the area for people who want hot weather and days spent on the beach when outside their internship. Chemical engineering internships in Europe; Civil engineering internships in Europe; Computer engineering internships in Europe; Electrical engineering internships in Europe; Electronic engineering internships in Europe; Mechanical engineering internships; Industrial engineering internships in Europe; Telecommunications engineering internships; Social Sciences Internships; Graphic Design Internships … Cost of living in this region, particularly the Scandinavian area, is extremely high – Norway, Denmark, and Sweden have the 2nd, 3rd, and 4th most expensive cost of living in Europe (FYI: Switzerland has the highest). Uniquely nestled between the Pacific and the Caribbean Sea, Colombia is a vibrant and diverse place to gain valuable experience during an internship abroad. In the Scandinavian countries, it is easier for current students to find internships than people not affiliated with a university, however internships there can often lead to permanent jobs. Whether you are drawn to haute couture or edgy street fashion, there is a city in Europe that suits your style perfectly. While knowing a second language is helpful, you can find internships for English speakers in many European countries including Ireland, Netherlands, and Spain. Our mission is to empower human connection through perspective-changing travel. Europe-internship.com connects hundreds of thousands of young people with over 30,000 companies from all over the world. From the Lake District of Poland to Ukraine's hot springs and castles, Eastern Europe has a lot to offer in terms of scenic beauty. Many countries in this area, especially Greece, were hit hard by the financial crisis in 2009; however, that doesn't mean that there aren't still plenty of opportunities for interns as they continue to develop their economies. With boundless nature, Australia is a great place for ecological or environmental based internships. Since the country is opening up more to international business and foreign workers, they are looking for high-quality interns from around the globe. You'll be sure to enjoy the welcoming and down-to-earth vibe of Aussies, the stunning, expansive beaches, as well as the relaxed lifestyle of the land Down Under. Cities like Prague are known around the world for their architectural beauty. As the national language, Spanish is an important skill to have -- if you don't already speak some, you'll be sure to pick it up in your time overseas in Colombia. Visa regulations will vary by country. You can gain a plethora of priceless skills from an internship abroad as well as a meaningful and exciting experience. I was in the program in 2014, This was the best choice of my life i always tell people to reach out for this experience. Internships are available in a variety of fields like international development, conservation, and communication. Italy is one of the most expensive places to live in the region; Albania is one of the cheapest. We help students easily apply online for internships or placements all over Europe … In Ireland particularly, everyday expenses like food can run very high. You can find opportunities in a broad range of sectors like electronics, biomedical science, tourism, and even media. I know, in my experience at least, interning while living and studying abroad helped me learn more about the culture than any textbook could have ever told me! Coined “the Silicon Valley of Europe”, Dublin is the proud home of the... Intern abroad in one of the most popular destinations in Europe... Shadowing experiences for adventurous pre-med students. For civil engineers, London is one of the best places to intern in the world. Popular industries for internships in England are engineering, fashion, and business. Therefore, it is good to check with the country embassy as to whether you need a visa, even if you will be interning for fewer than 90 days in a Schengen country. Business interns in Europe have the chance to gain experience working in an international and globalized environment. In Ireland, marketing and environmental internships are popular. She currently resides in Edinburgh, Scotland. With my 1 month at the Institute I was able to learn a great deal about Remote Sensing as well as the local... Sarah and Kos are amazing! In the UK and Ireland, though the weather is far from tropical, have much warmer winters than the Nordic countries. With such fashion capitals as London, Milan, Paris, Barcelona, and Berlin, Europe is an excellent place for fashion interns to learn more about the industry. Learning in-depth knowledge of your country's political history as well as the daily mechanics of political life, interns will gain valuable insight into their field as well as practical experience. The capital, London, is one of Europe’s most important financial centers and a hub for international companies making it the perfect place for internships in business or finance. Berlin is known for its edgy street styles and strides towards sustainable fashion. Internships, Working Holidays & Volunteering in Ireland, Paid Culinary & Hospitality Internship Programs in France, 10 Best Virtual Internships for Summer 2020, 15 Internship Abroad Scholarships & Grants to Apply for Now, How to Do an Internship in Europe on a Budget, The 10 Best Places to Intern Abroad in 2020, Tips for Opening a Bank Account While Studying Abroad in Europe. Whether helping to get a startup off the ground or getting your foot in the door of a major corporation, business internships in Europe have the chance to fast-track their careers and gain valuable industry experience. nationality of one of the Council of Europe member states; 2. However, understanding Korean is undoubtedly helpful when applying as well as getting the most out of your time living within the vibrant Korean culture. The vibrant cultures of South Africa give this country a liveliness that is hard to find anywhere else. If automotive engineering is your thing, Turin in Italy and Munich in Berlin are great locations. Western … The countries below were chosen based on a few factors: their popularity on Go Overseas and on popular search engines, like Google, and the breadth of internship opportunities that are available in each nation. Successful candidates will also become part of a powerful alumni network, connected not only to all of their fellow interns in Europe… Interns should keep in mind the big European fashion shows, such as Fashion Week in each city when planning their internship, so as to make the most of what their city has to offer. The cost of living in this region ranges from low to moderately high. Eastern Europe: Eastern Europe is home to beautiful mountain ranges, hot pirogues (dumplings), and gorgeous snowy days. The US State department has general entry and exit requirements listed for each country and is a good place to begin. Some say our world is growing smaller every day, as people become more interconnected and the world becomes ever more globalized. You’ll likely find yourself in Madrid, the capital, or one of the other large cities, like Seville or Barcelona. As one of Asia’s few “alpha cities", a ranking for the most economically influential centers of the world, Singapore is the perfect place for any ambitious intern. In Korea, the English language is highly valuable, making it easier for native English speakers to score the best internships open to foreign nationals. A monthly stipend of 700 euros per … Not to mention, some of the world's gastronomic giants are located in this region – you could decide first-hand whether Swiss or Belgian chocolate is better, or taste all the cheese in France (fun fact: if you ate a different French cheese every day, it would take you more than a year to try them all!). Paid Internships at Fortune 500 Companies in China, Shanghai Future Leader Internship Program, Medical and Healthcare internships in Shanghai, Internships across many industries in Tokyo and Osaka, Healthcare and nursing internships in Madrid or Seville, Global agricultural internships all over Australia, Cultural ecology internships all over Australia, Internships across many industries in Sydney, Marketing, fashion, and business internships in London, Growth marketing & business development internship programs across Asia, International Business Development internships across South Korea, Teaching internships in Gwangju, South Korea, Conservation and community development in Limpopo, Internships across many industries in South Africa, Writing and communications internships in Cape Town, International Development internships across South Africa, The Best Cities to Find an Internship Abroad in 2021, 10 Best Virtual Internships for Summer 2020, How to Write a Resume for Anywhere in the World, The Complete Guide to Internships Abroad in the United States. However, Western European countries also have beautiful pastoral landscapes, and interning in a smaller city or rural area could be just as rewarding. Internships in this area exist across a broad range of fields, and there are many programs already around to match people with internships. I came back from France and worked in multiples Michelin Star restaurants... Get work experience while living in Europe, University of Natural Resources and Life Sciences (BOKU). The best European city for you will depend on the type of engineering you want to do. See all internship programs in Colombia →. France, the UK, Germany, and Italy are world-leaders in engineering and innovation. It is an opportune place to intern if you're interested in business, finance, or marketing, but it is also great for those interested in hospitality and marketing. Diversity is a key pillar of what South Africa stands for and it is rich in all types: diversity of people, landscapes, wildlife, and perspectives.

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